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The Legal Docket 9/1/13
Host Dillon Honcoop talks with local attorneys about the wide rang of nuances to our legal system and how you can better protect yourself and understand your rights.

The Legal Docket 8/4/13|
Host Dillon Honcoop gets QUIZZED by local attorneys on this Sunday’s edition of The Legal Docket.

The Legal Docket 7/21/13
Host Dillon Honcoop talks with a local attorney about the controversial verdict last week in the case of George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

The Legal Docket 7/7/13
The latest “Legal Docket” advice, stories and tips with KGMI’s Dillon Honcoop.

The Legal Docket 6/23/13
Bob Butler talks about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on sentencing felons with firearms, and Michael Brodsky talks about the SCOTUS ruling allowing police to take DNA samples.

The Legal Docket 6/9/13
Bob Butler discusses the 4th amendment of the Constitution, and Michael Brodsky talks about how police prove that you are drunk.

The Legal Docket 5/12/13
Michael Brodsky talks about the legal implications of the kidnapping story in Ohio, and Bob Butler gives his thoughts on digital privacy.

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